Mitsubishi BV-1000

Video Cassette Recorder

SVHS Editing Pro VCR w/ Jog Shuttle


  • 14M 8BIT Digital Picture

  • High Resolution Over 400 Lines

  • Hi-Fi Fantas System

  • 100 Picture Digital Multi Play

  • SUPER VHS FE-PRO Dual-Azimouth Video heads

  • Jog and Shuttle search for accurate editing

  • Digital Hi-Fi Sound

  • Hi-Fi Stereo Similated Sound with Hi-Fi Recording Level and Balance Control

  • Multi-color Multi-Function Florescent Display

  • 3 different Display Modes

  • MTS Broadcast Stereo TV-VHF/UHF-BS-1F

  • Frame-to-Frame function

  • Flying Erase System

  • Full Area Video Enhancer button

  • Strobe Function

  • Picture-In-Picture

  • Multi Still/Strobe

  • Auto Head Cleaner

  • Headphone Monitor Terminal with Level Volume Control

  • Mic Input

  • Digital and Manual Tracking

  • Auto-Title on/off

  • Picture (Softness/Sharpness) Control

  • Picture and Sound Mixing functions,

  • Audio Insert and DUB buttons

  • SAP REC and INDEX functions

  • Digital Sound Effects

  • 100 Picture Digital Multi Play

  • Time/Date/Year

  • Auto Tape Selection

  • Programable Recording up to 1 month

  • Return Zero

  • Playback and Recording 2-speed (SP/EP)

  • Edit function

  • Inputs: S-Video, Video line (24K gold / high signal transfer), Microphone, VHF/UHF

  • Outputs: S-Video, 2 Video, 2 Audio (Constant and Variable), Headphones,VHF/UHF

  • Level Indicator (On\Off\Hi-Fi\Tracking)

  • ALC (On\Off)

  • Editing Timer

  • Editing counter

  • Power Outlet 100Volt 300W max switched etc


    Advanced Professional Editing Features

  • 14M 8Bit Digital Picture adjusted by microprocessor and Digital Tracling

  • 100 Picture Digital Index Play

  • Advanced Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Editing features

  • Digital Index and Multi Screen (9,16,24…100 shots)

  • Twin picture with Swap function

  • Digital Clear Picture Function

  • Picture Enhancement

  • Strobe speed control

  • GO-TO quick find function and Digital Memory

  • Index Mark and Erase buttons

  • Flying Erase Heads allows glitch-free smooth transitions between two edited recorders.

  • Synchronized editing: Recording & Playback of 2 VCR's can be synchronized using

  • the Control S or Control L jacks on rear panel.

  • Digital Optical and Coaxial Inputs and Outputs

  • S-Video and Muse Inputs and Outputs

  • Video and Audio Insert recording allows insertion of a new picture or soundtrack onto any prerecorded tape.

  • Edit monitor display shows both playback and recording VCR pictures

    Picture / Sound Performance

  • S-VHS picture provides over 400 lines of Horizontal Resolution – Digital Picture that approaches DVD quality.

  • Digital/HiFi/Stereo Sound with Simulated 3D

  • Sound Level Indicator with peak hold

  • Audio Dub

  • Audio Monitor (L, R, L+R)

  • Audio Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz

  • Dynamic Range: More than 90 dB

  • Wow and flutter: Less than 0.005%

  • Inputs & Outputs:

  • Line In: 2 S-video input connectors + 2 RCA video & audio input jacks

  • Line Out: 2 S-video output + 2RCA video & audio output jacks

  • Monitor Out: S-video Muse + RCA video & audio input jacks

  • Record level control and LED level display for audio recording level adjustment - obtain optimum sound level

  • BOTH Digital Auto Tracking --and-- Manual Tracking controls

  • Microphone Input jack

  • Headphone Output jack with volume control

  • Plays and Records both regular VHS tapes and S-VHS tapes

    Other Features

  • Digital Tape Counter

  • Maximum Record Time 9 hours (T-180)

  • Auto Menu

  • Data Screen “on-screen” menu


    Equipment Notes:

    The unit powers up just fine.  Beyond that, it is untested.  The unit is sold as is.


    Payment, Shipping & Bidding:

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