LeCroy LA354

500 Mhz+ Color Analog Oscilloscope


The LA-354 is a 4 channel color LCD display, analog storage oscilloscope.  This High-end analog oscilloscope for the digital age has a conservatively rated 500Mhz band width.  In the photos below the scope is shown displaying a 1 KHz, 600Mhz and "YES" - it will trigger to around 900mhz with some attenuation.  This scope has variable persistence in a choice of colors which is exceptional for glitch capture and single event viewing.  It has a full set range of cursor measurements and built in frequency counter.  


Displaying a 600 Mhz Signal

Showing Persistence from a 40% AM Modulation Burst

Look below for more detailed information or visit LeCroy's Web Site.  Look around, they have a number of interesting pages relating to features and set up with this scope.  Full service for this scope can be obtained through LeCroy.

Displaying 1 Khz Signal

This scope is in mint condition and performs flawlessly.  Whether or not you are looking for a great general scope or specifically an analog scope to compliment the digital scopes in you lab, the LeCroy LA354 is the perfect choice.

For years, engineer have insisted on oscilloscopes that offer both ultra-high brightness and storage capability in a single unit.
Capabilities that until now were only available from digital oscilloscopes. Unfortunately, digital oscilloscopes lack one very important capability  -the ability to observe unanticipated waveforms. Only analog oscilloscope can do this. Moreover, both digital and analog scopes have difficulty observing noise waveforms, jitter, and detailed video signal waveforms using delay sweeps.

The new LA-354 from LeCroy solve all of these problems. Its ultra-high writing speed and scan converter allow it to capture and store even the most infrequent and irregular signals, providing the ultimate waveform observation tool for researchers and engineers.


CCD scan converter tube(CCD/SCT) IT-7705 developed by LeCroy
The scan converter tube is a mechanically reliable and extremely durable high-speed storage tube based on our advanced CRT technology. Featuring a simple design much less complex than that of a conventional CRT used for observation, this scan converter features a CCD (charge-coupled device) that can read waveform information drawn on the screen with a high-speed electron beam directly via an OFP (Optical Fiber Plate).
Ultra-high brightness display (more than 20,000 times greater than our current models)
Maximum writing speed for all ranges and guaranteed wide bandwidth from DC to 500MHz
Widest DC to 500MHz is guaranteed at all ranges for all channels. The maximum visual writing speed is 200ps/div.
Dual delay function
Two independent delay time settings are provided for B sweeps, allowing delay expansion of two signals.
"Burn-free" and "shock-free" thanks to CCD waveform storage
Persistence function allow superimposition of waveform
NTSC video output
Since a CCD is used for waveform storage, waveform images can be easily output to a video printer via the video output. Image data can also be transferred by connecting the scope to a personal computer via video board (optional).

LeCroy LA-354 - Specifications
500 MHz Ultra-High Writing Speed Analog StorageScope


Front Panel Display

5.5-inch rectangular Color LCD TFT (240V x 320H dots) with variable persistence, electronic graticule (8 x 10 div).

Scan Converter Tube and CCD intensifier

Scan Converter Tube: 2 Inch diameter SCT; CCD: approximately 450 x 700 pixel CCD with video RAM. SCT and CCD connected via Optical Fiber Bundle.

Display Output

Rear panel BNC 75 Ohm connection: NTSC Color Composite.
Vertical Deflection System


CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, ADD (CH1+CH2), ALT, CHOP
Channel 1, 2 Sensitivity 2 m/Vdiv - 5 V/div +2%, 11 step (1-2-5)
Fine Adjuster 2 mV/div ~ 12.5 V/div continuously variable in 1% display scale increments
Frequency bandwidth DC ~ 500 MHz (2mV/div ~ 5 V/div)
DC ~ 20 MHz or, DC ~ 100 MHz selectable limiting
VSWR Less than 1.35 through DC ~ 500 MHz (with 50 Ohm input)
Rise time Approx. 700 ps @ 20 mV/div (freq. bandwidth x rise time = 0.35)
Input coupling AC, DC, GND
Input RC 1M ohm input: 1M Ohm +1.5%//16 pF +2pF, 50 ohm input: 50 ohm +1%
Maximum input voltage 1 M ohm input: +400 V max. 50 ohm input: 5 V RMS
Polarity switching CH2 only
Probe sensors 1:1, 1:10, 1:100 detection possible
Offset voltage variable range Offset voltage / Vertical axis range
1 V / 2mV/div ~ 50 mV/div
10 V / 0.1 V/div ~ 0.5 V/div
100 V / 1 V/div ~ 5 V/div
Channel 3, 4 Sensitivity 100mV, 500mV/div
        Accuracy +3% (+10C ~ +35C)
        Frequency Bandwidth DC ~ 500 MHz
        Rise time Approx. 700 ps (freq. bandwidth x rise time = 0.35)
        Input coupling AC, DC
        Input RC Direct: 1 M ohm + 1.5%//16 pF+3pF
        Maximum input voltage +400 V max.
        Probe readout auto-sensor 1:1, 1:10, 1:100 detection possible
A triggering
        Sources CH1, CH2, CH3, CH 4, LINE
        Coupling AC, DC, HF-REJ, LF-REJ
        Polarity +/-
        TV sync
        Line selection NTSC:1 ~ 525H; PAL (SECAM):1 ~ 625H; HDTV:1 ~ 1125H
B & B' triggering
        Sources CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4
        Coupling AC, DC, HF-REJ, LF-REJ
        Polarity +/-
        Event Delay
        Count Setting range:1 ~ 65,535; maximum count freq.: 50MHz
        Burst Time setting range: 0.15 microsec ~ 9.99sec
        Auto setup Input channels: CH1, CH2, Freq. range: 50 Hz ~ 100 MHz
Horizontal deflection system
        A sweep
        Mode AUTO, NORM, SINGLE
        Sweep time 5 ns/div ~ 500 ms/div +2% 25-step (1-2-5) Fastest sweep time: 500 ps/div Fine adjuster: 5 ns/div ~ 1.5 s/div Calibrated Variable
        B & B' sweeps
        Dual Delays Triggered DUAL delays: CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4
Continuous DUAL delays: RUNS AFTER
        Sweep time 5ns/div ~ 20 ms/div +2%, 21 step (1,2,5)
        Delay time range 0.2 div ~ 10.2 div;
: +[(setting value x 0.005)
+(sweeptime x 0.1)] -55 ns
        Magnifier (MAG) 10 times;
Accuracy: +5% (+10C ~ +35C)
        X-Y Operation: DC-10MHz X axis: CH1, Accuracy: +2% (+10C ~ +35C)
Y axis: CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, ADD
        Output voltage 20 mV/div +30%
        Frequency output range DC ~ 200 MHz (50 ohm load)
        Output resistance 50 ohm +20%
External Intensity
          Modulation (Z axis)
Minimum modulation voltage: 0.5Vp-p
Polarity: Positive (dark)/negative (bright)
Frequency range: DC ~ 5 MHz
Input withstand voltage: 40V
Video OUT NTSC Composite, 480 lines (V) x 640(H), 1Vp-p +/-0.3V, 75 Ohm BNC
Calibrator Waveform: Square
Repetitive frequency: 1 kHz
Accuracy: +0.1%
Output voltage: 0.6V
Accuracy: +1%
Active Probe Power supply Voltage: +12 V, 2 FET probes connectable, offset control possible
Frequency Counter Display digits: 5 digits shown at all times (6 Digits available, Option #3)
Accuracy: +0.01%
Frequency measurement range: 2Hz ~ 500 MHz
Cursor measurement Voltage axis: 2
Time axis: 2
Time difference: Delta t
Voltage difference: Delta V
Delta t & Delta V can be simultaneously displayed
Save/recall function Number of setups: 256 max.
Comments: 12 characters / title.
Power Supply Voltage range: AC 100 V ~ 240 V
Frequency range: 50Hz, 60Hz
Power consumption: 120 VA max.
Dimensions and weight Approx. 320W x 160H x 420L mm/approx. 8.5 kg
Accessories (1) Power cable, (1) LA-354 Operation Manual, (1) Accessory Pouch



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