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The Dynamic Series  provides  a compact, economical, and programmable solution to light-payload single axis applications.

  • Pig Tail Cables Now Standard!
    The DS now comes with a pig tail cable making it a snap to change the length of your MPG cable. Standard MPG cable lengths are 3 meters and 5 meters.

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Application Note:
Although primarily sold as single-axis solutions, the DS is also available as a 2-axis model known as DS Systems.

The DS Series is an electromechanical alternative to air cylinders. The Series is comparable in size and price, but it offers capabilities that pneumatic air cylinders can't match, including:

  • Multiple positioning
  • Acceleration/deceleration programmability
  • Speed setting programmability
  • Programmable control
Series Features

DS Series actuators are available as "Slider" or "Arm" types. The Slider Type is more of a DS actuator, controller, and teaching pendant.traditional design, with the slider moving smoothly and programmably within the given stroke length. The Arm Type features a bar that extends and retracts from the actuator's body and is used primarily as a vertical axis. Both models are available in 40mm, 50mm, and 58mm widths.

Depending on ballscrew lead, DS Series actuators are available in high-, medium- and low-speed models.

The DS Series is also available in various 2-axis configurations called "DS Systems".  Due to moment load constraints, 3-axis systems are not possible with the DS, but many have found a cost-effective and powerful solution in the 2-axis DS System.

Options include:

  • Magnetic Brake
  • AQ Seal Long-Term Lubrication
Controller Features

When it comes to compact design, overall size and price/performance, nothing compares with the DS-S-C1 single axis controller. Its features are similar to our main line of SEL Controllers and include:

  • CPU
  • Driver
  • User I/O
  • External 24V DC power supply
  • Memory for 1,000 steps of programming
  • Positioning for up to 500 points
  • 15 user inputs (standard)
  • 6 user outputs (standard) 

The DS Series is also now available with interpolated motion, using the more versatile SEL E/G or X-SEL controller.  These SEL controllers may also control the 2-axis DS Systems.

Actuator Specifications

The DS Series Slider Type design incorporates the same patented integrated motor principles as our IS Series, but at a lower wattage.

  • Motor: 20W or 30W AC servo motor w/incremental optical encoder
  • Ballscrew Diameter: 10mm, 8mm
  • Ballscrew Lead: 12mm, 6mm, 3mm; 10mm, 5mm, 2.5mm
  • Frame Material: Now using aluminum instead of steel to lower weight and length.
  Slider Type Arm Type
Stroke length: 50mm ~ 600mm (50mm increments) 50mm ~ 200mm (50mm increments)
Max speed: 800mm/sec (31.5 in/sec) 400mm/sec (15.7 in/sec)
Max payload: 12kg (26.4 lbs) horizontal 6kg (13.2 lbs) vertical
Repeatability: +/-0.02mm (+/-0.0008") +/-0.02mm (+/-0.0008")
Controller Specs
Power Supply Voltage> DC24V +/-10%
CPU> Main: 32-bit RISC
Motor: 16-bit CISC
Memory Device> CMOS RAM
No. of Programs> 32
No. of Steps> 1000
No. of Positions> 500
User Inputs> 15
User Outputs> 6
Emergency Stop Terminal> Yes
Multi-Tasking Functions> 8
Actuator Control Commands> Yes
I/O Flag Control Commands> Yes
Timer Commands> Yes
Tag Commands> Yes
Subroutine Commands> Yes
Calculation Functions> Yes
Logic Functions> Yes
Comparison Commands> Yes
Position Data Commands> Yes
RS232C Baud Rate> 9600 - 19200
RS232C Connector> Built-in
RS232C Unit> Built-in
Brake Release Switch> Built-in