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The Brannock Device... The Industry Standard for Over 70 Years

Designed in 1927, The Brannock DeviceŽ foot-measuring device is a must in all retail footwear stores. Our device's measuring accuracy, quality construction, and simple, yet completely functional, design is what has made genuine Brannock measuring devices the standard in the footwear industry.

The Brannock foot-measuring device saves salespeople time and allows them to effectively service more customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and ultimately more sales.

Shoe sizes and foot sizes are not the same. The foot needs adequate room within the footwear for comfort and performance. The Brannock Device foot-measurer is designed to indicate the correct shoe size allowing enough room for comfort.

By providing a starting point for fitting, our device eliminates guesswork. All adult models incorporate the same three functional aspects, heel-to-toe, arch, and width measurements. These three measurements are critical for properly fitted footwear. With all three measurements available to the salesperson at the same time an analysis of the foot can be made without repositioning the device.

Today's footwear is carefully engineered, designed and manufactured for maximum performance and comfort. To bring out those qualities footwear must be properly fitted. No matter how well the footwear is crafted; an improper fit will negate all other aspects. People spend three fourths of the day in their shoes so a properly fitted comfortable shoe is essential for satisfaction.

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