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HP 54645D

Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope

Dual Channel 100 MHz 200 MSa/s  --- Loaded!!!!!


Includes HP 54657A Measurement / Storage Module

All Probes, Accessories and Manuals Included

The HP 54645D seamlessly integrates logic channels into an oscilloscope to offer new measurement capability for designers of combined analog and digital systems. Analog and digital on one display, aligned in time, to help you isolate cause and effect in complex circuits. 

A fully integrated digital oscilloscope and logic timing analyzer, the HP 54645D offers 16 timing channels with 400 Msa/s on 8 channels, 200 Msa/s on 16 channels with 2 MB of memory per logic channel. Add a dual-channel 100 MHz scope with 200 Msa/s and 1 MB of memory per scope channel.  With the HP 54657A Measurement / Storage Module which adds world class features to the HP 54645D including 16 automatic measurements as well as a range of addition, subtraction, mask and FFT functions.  This module also adds IEEE-488 (HP-IB) Interface.  Put this together with powerful triggering and HPs exclusive MegaZoom technology in a responsive, easy-to-use package, and your mixed signal troubleshooting just got easier.

This scope is in like new condition.  It includes all accessories which are listed below in detail.  A complete set of manuals and software still in their original packaging are also included.  Complete details of all the included options, accessories and manuals are provided below.

Product Features

  • Dual-channel 100-MHz scope with 200 MSa/s
  • 1 MB of memory per scope channel 16 logic timing channels with 400 MSa/s on 8 Channels, 200 MSa/s on 16 Channels
  • 2 MB of memory per logic channel
  • HP MegaZoom technology allows deep memory capture and a responsive display
  • Simple easy-to-use controls
  • Powerful triggering
  • Very Compact - Only about 12 inches deep


Included with this auction are a complete set of probes and accessories.

  • 2 HP 10441A 10x Oscilloscope Probes with all accessories including spare tips.
  • 2 BNC to BNC Jumper Cables
  • 1 HP 16 Channel Logic Analyzer Cable and Pod with full set of surface mount grabbers.
  • 1 HP Power Cord




A complete set of manuals and software still in their original packaging are included.

  • HP 54645D MSO User and Service Guide
  • HP 54657A Measurement & Storage Module User Guide
  • HP 54645D MSO Programmer's Guide
  • HP 54600-Series Programmer's Guide
  • HP 54600-Series Instruments I/O Function Guide
  • HP 54600-SeriesFast Fourier Transform Product Note


Product Specifications

Vertical system, Scope channels 1 & 2

Bandwidth (3dB) dc to 100 MHz  @ >= 10 mv/div  (> 75 Mhz @ < 10 mv/div)
ac coupled 1.5 Hz to 100 MHz 
Risetime (calculated) ~ 3.5 ns @ > 10   mv/div, (< 4.6 ns  @ < 10 mv/div)
Dynamic input range 32 V or 8 div whichever is less
Math Functions Channel 1 + or - channel 2 
Input resistance 1 Mohm
Input capacitance ~13pF
Maximum input 400V (dc + peak ac) 
Range 1mV/div to 5V/div 


Accuracy 		 1.5% FS  
Vernier 			Fully calibrated, accuracy  3% FS 
Single Cursor Accuracy	Vertical gain accuracy 1.2% full scale  0.5% of position value  
Dual Cursor Accuracy	Vertical gain  0.4%  of full scale  
BW limit 			Approx. 20 MHz  
Coupling 			ac, dc, GND 
Channel isolation 		dc to 20 MHz >40 dB (with channels at same v/div) 
			20 MHz to 100 MHz  >30 dB  
Inversion Channel 		1 and channel 2 

Logic channels: 16 channels (0-15) in two pods of 8 channels each

Maximum input voltage	40 volts peak 
Threshold range 		6.0 volts in 50 mV increments  
Threshold accuracy 	(100 mV + 3% of threshold setting) 
Input dynamic range 	10 Volts about threshold  
Minimum input  		To meet the timing specifications the threshold 
voltage overdrive 		value must be within 20 % of the 50% voltage
				point of the input signal 
Minimum input voltage swing	500 mV peak to peak 
Input resistance 		100 K ohm 
Input capacitance 		Approx 8 pF  
Channel-to-channel skew 	2 ns typical, 3 ns max 
Pre-defined thresholds 	TTL = 1.4V, CMOS = 2.5V, ECL = -1.3V 

Horizontal system, scope and logic channels

Sweep speeds 		50 s/div to 2 ns/div main and delayed  
Accuracy 		 0.01% 
Vernier 			Accuracy =  0.05%  
Horizontal resolution 	40 ps  

Scope Cursor accuracy

Single channel  		Horizontal accuracy 0.2% of screen width 40 ps  
Dual channel 		Horizontal accuracy 0.2% of screen width 80 ps  
Delay jitter 		< 10 ppm 

Logic cursor accuracy

Single channel 		  Horizontal accuracy  0.2% of screen width  
			1 logic sample period  
Dual channel 		Horizontal accuracy  0.2% of screen width  
			 1 logic sample period  chan-to-chan skew  
Delay jitter 		< 10 ppm Delay range

Delay range

Pre-trigger (negative delay): At least 1 screen width or 2.5 msec  
Post-trigger (from trigger point to end of sweep): 500 seconds 

Delayed sweep

Delayed Sweep expansion: Delayed timebase can be as fast as 2 nsec/div 
but must be at least 2X the main timebase. Delayed sweep display is an 
expansion of the same data acquisition as the main. 

HP MegaZoom technology (Post acquisition Pan and Zoom): The time/div 
and delay controls allow any part of the acquired waveform display to 
be expanded to the full extent of the memory available. 

Trigger system

Modes 			Auto, Autolevel, & Normal 
Holdoff 			~ 200 ns to ~ 25 seconds 
Edge triggering 		Rising or falling on any of 
			the 18 input channels
Pattern triggering 		A pattern of high, low, and don't-care  
			levels and a rising or falling edge 
			can be established across all 18 channels.  
			The analog channel's high level is defined 
			by  that channel's  trigger level. 

Advanced triggering

Selectable as glitch, advanced pattern, or TV 

Glitch 			Less than, greater  than, or 
			within specified range 
Source 			Any of the 18 input channels 
Polarity 			Rising or falling 
Minimum pulse width setting	8 ns 
Advanced pattern 		Up to two trigger terms (P1 and P2) and two 
			edge terms (E1 and E2) may be established 
			and these terms can be combined as follows: 
			AND, OR, Then, Entered, Exited, Duration <, 
			Duration >, Duration range. 
TV 			Available on scope channels only 
TV line and field  		0.5 divisions of composite synch 
			required for stable display 

Oscilloscope analog triggering

Sensitivity, DC to 25 MHz 	> 10 mV/div <= 3.5 div or 3.5 mV 
				< 10 mV/div <= 1 div or 2 mV  
Sensitivity, 25MHz to 100MHz 	> 10 mV/div <= 1 div or 10 mV 
				< 10 mV/div <= 1.5 div or 3 mV 
Sources  			CH 1, CH 2, & line 
Coupling 			dc, ac, HF reject, LF reject, noise reject  
			HF reject and LF reject -3dB @ 50 kHz.  


Bandwidth 		100 MHz 
Phase error @ 1 MHz	1.8 degrees 

Acquisition system

Maximum display rate 	3 million samples per second with 
			sufficient trigger rate and vectors off. 
			60 full screens per second, vectors on.
Average 			Selectable as smoothing, 4, 8, 16, 32, 
			64, 128, and 256 averages. 
Roll mode 		At sweep speeds of 200 ms/div and slower, 
			data moves across the display from right 
			to left with no dead time.  


Oscilloscope acquisition system

Maximum sampling rate	200 MSa/s on each channel 
Single shot bandwidth	25 MHz 
Sample rate accuracy 	0.01% 
Simultaneous capture on both channels   
Vertical resolution 		8 bits  
Peak detection 	                Can capture and display a pulse at least  
			5 nsec wide at any timebase setting. 
Maximum memory depth 	1 MB samples per channel 

Logic acquisition system

Vertical resolution 		1 bit 
Maximum sampling rate 	400 MSa/s on one pod, 
			200 MSa/s on two pods  
Sample Period Accuracy 	  0.01% 
Simultaneous capture on all channels  
Peak detection 		Will capture and display a pulse at least  
			5 nsec wide at any time base setting. 
Maximum memory depth 	2 MB samples per channel on one pod,  
			1 MB samples when both pods are used. 

Display system

Display 			7 inch raster monochrome CRT 
Resolution 		255 vertical by 500 horizontal points. 
Controls 			Front-panel intensity 
Vectors 			Selectable on/off  
Graticle 			8 X10 grid, frame, & none 

Advanced features

Automatic measurements 	 Measurements continuously updated, markers indicate measurement 
Voltage 			V AVG (dc), V RMS, V PP, V MIN, & V MAX 
Time 			Frequency, Period,  + Pulse Width,  - Pulse Width, Duty Cycle, Rise Time & Fall Time.  
Cursors 			Manually or automatically placed Read out of time,  1/time, voltage  

Setup functions

Autoscale 		Finds and displays all active channels, sets  trigger 
			to highest numbered channel, sets vertical sensitivity  
			on active channels, time base to display 1.8 periods  
Save/recall (non-volatile)	10 set-ups can be saved/recalled from non-volatile memory  

Trace (pixel) memory	2 volatile

User-defined 		All channels may be assigned a user-defined
channel labels		label of up to 6 characters.  Labels displayed
			in place of 1st division of waveform.

General Specifications

Calibrator Output: 
	Frequency  	~ 1.2 kHz  
	Amplitude 	5V  

EMI 			Commercial Meets FTZ 1046 class B  
Mil-T-28800D 		Meets requirements in accordance with paragraph 
			3.8.3 EMI  Type III, and MIL-STD-461C 
			as modified by table XII  
CE01,CE03 		yes 
CS01,CS02,CS06 		yes 
REO1v 			15 dB relaxation to 20 kHz; 
			exceptioned from 20 kHz to 50 kHz  
REO2 (with Opt 002)	Full limits of class A1c and A1f 
REO2 (without Opt 002)  	10 dB relaxation from 14 kHz to 100 kHz 
RSO2 			Exceptioned  
RS03 (with Opt 001) 	Slight trace shift from 80 Mhz to 200 mHz 
Size 			35.26 x 17.27 x 31.75cm  
			12.7W x 6.8H x 12.5D in. (excluding handle) 
Weight 			6.35 Kgs (~ 14 lbs)  
Power usage 		~90 W  
Voltage 			88-250 VAC  
Line voltage selection 	Automatic 
Frequency 		45-440 Hz 

Environmental characteristics

This instrument meets the requirements of MIL-T-28800D for Type III, 
Class 3 Style D equipment as described below 

Shock: HP class B1 and MIL-T-28800 style D, class 3 operating: 30g, 1/2 sine, 
11 ms duration, 3 shocks per axis along major axis. Total of 18 shocks. 

Vibration operation: 15 minutes along each of 3 major axes; 
0.64 mm (0.025 inch) p-p displacement, 10 Hz to 55 Hz in one-minute cycles. 
Held for 10 minutes at 55 Hz (4 g at 55 Hz). 

Altitude: operating to 4500 M (15,000 ft), non-operating to 15,000 M (50,000 ft)  

Humidity: operating 95% RH at 40 C for 24 hrs 
Non-operating 90% RH at 65  C, 24 hrs   
Ambient temperature: operating -10  C to 55  C, 
non-operating -51  C to +71  C   

Safety: CSA Certification , IEC 1010




As our many customers will attest, we will do our very best to resolve any customer problems.  But our official policy is: 

  • All items sold are guaranteed against D.O.A. only. 
  • All claims must be made within 3 days of receipt. 
  • All warranties are void if the calibration / warranty seals are broken.



Shipping Policy

Buyer will pay $40.00 packing and shipping in the continental United States.  We will make every effort to ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment.  We ship with FedEx only.  We will be glad to ship with other carriers using the purchasers shipping account.  Please contact us to make any special shipping arrangements. For shipping rate research, our shipping address is Boulder, CO USA ---- Zip Code is 80305.

Foreign buyers:  Unless special provisions have been made, you are responsible for making your own shipping arrangements and all costs related to customs, duties & special packaging requirements.  Please do not ask us to quote you international shipping rates.  Use the address information above to research you own shipping rates.  You can email waltwhite@ascentconcepts.com to get the packaging fee, package weight and size for your research.  Items sold outside the USA are sold as is.  



 Payment Policy

We accept Credit Card payment through Paypal.   We accept Cashiers Check or Money Orders.



Ascent Concepts and Technologies is a Research & Development Lab.  As a service to the companies and institutions we work with, we broker their excess equipment & act as application specialists on their new equipment needs.  We are now offering quality used equipment to the public with the same level of professionalism and service.   Please feel free to email at thomasknox@ascentconcepts.com or call Thomas @ 1-303-554-0307 with any Technical questions.  Please feel free to email at waltwhite@ascentconcepts.com or call Walt @ 1-720-276-8288 with any Shipping or Logistical questions. We make every effort to evaluate and guarantee our equipment.  Although we do not provide NIST traceable calibration, we do have extensive in house calibration equipment and make every effort to test and verify performance on equipment we sell.  However we do not warranty any items shipped outside the United States. 

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