Agilent (HP) E1369A

Microwave Switch Driver

For HP 75000 Series B


The E1369A can control any 8760 Series microwave switches.  Single-pole or multi-throw switches can be installed, providing 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6-throw switching. Alternatively, the 33320G/H, 33321G/H, 33322G/H, and 33323K step attenuators can be installed providing broadband accuracy, high repeatability over a long life, and rapid switching flexibility. Whichever device you choose, you must order separately, they are not included in this auction.

Please check our other auctions or contact us for switch and attenuator availability.

The HP E1369A Microwave Switch Driver is identical to the HP E1368A, except the coaxial switches are not installed. The module panel has three cutouts and various mounting holes that allow the user to install up to three 3-port, 4-port, or 5-port, 42Vpk drive level coaxial switches. Drive level voltage can be internal (+5 and +12Vdc) or external (42Vpk). The module panel is numbered 00, 01, and 02 to indicate the channel number of each coaxial switch.  Channel 03 and 04 are not labeled on the panel. Up to five coaxial switches can be controlled (e.g. three internal, two external; five external; etc) using the 14-pin connector.  The HP E1369A is identical to the HP E1370A Microwave Switch/Attenuator Driver, except the module panel and mounting holes have been modified to allow the user to install one Single-pole, Multi-throw Switch or one Step Attenuator. Because of the size of the switches and the attenuators, the module takes up two B-size slots. Drive level voltage can be internal (+5 and +12Vdc) or external (42Vpk). Up to a Single-pole, Six-throw Switch can be mounted on to the assembly or used externally using the 14-pin connector.

This module contains the control, drive, and power circuitry for mounting and controlling the microwave switches or step attenuators. Additionally, it comes with a 14-pin DIP socket for connecting one microwave switch or step attenuator either in the module or remotely.

When driving the  33320 Series Step Attenuators via the 14 pin viking connector, order them with option 011 (5 volt solenoid operation).  Be aware that you will have to customize these units.  These can not be mounted internally in the 1369 but it is the same board as is used in the E1370A switch / attenuator controller.


Equipment Notes:

This driver is new in box.

This VXI plug & play driver is designed for computers operating either Windows® 95 or Windows® NT Version 3.51 or higher. The driver requires a VISA-compatible GP-IB/GPIB interface and the VISA® I/O Library Version 1.1 or higher. Programming with this driver does not depend upon an I/O library specific to your brand of GP-IB/GPIB interface, thus your programming code becomes much more portable.



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