Fluke PM5193
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Fluke PM5193 SM

With 10 MHz Sync

50Mhz Function & Pulse Generator


MSRP - $7085.00

The PM 5193 SM offers complete versatility of performance, and a wide array of features to meet both today's and tomorrow's requirements. Complete in frequency range, with an exceptional 11 1/2 digit frequency resolution and setting accuracy of better than 0.1 mHz. Complete in function selection, with a choice of eight waveforms that include sine, square, ramps and haversine, plus a built-in pulse generator for positive and negative pulses with 3 ns transition times. Complete in modulation, with AM, FM, gating and counted burst with programmable single-shot or continuous operation, and programmable internal (to 200 kHz) or external modulation. Complete in sweep facilities, with linear and logarithmic sweep and three sweep modes, which can be controlled internally (single or continuous) or by an external trigger. Finally, complete for both bench top or systems applications, with ten stored setups and full IEEE-488 programmability.

This instrument is clean and performs flawlessly.  There are a few minor scratches on the front and sides.  The unit has the External Synchronization Option (see below for more details).  I also believe the PM5193 has the external video option (External Video is marked on the front panel).  Looking at a standard PM5193 I do not see this marking.


Wide choice of standard waveforms

The PM 5193 offers a choice of eight standard waveform functions. All functions are selectable either through the front panel or the IEEE-488 interface, with LED indicators to show at a glance which function is selected. Out-of-range or other invalid settings are indicated by blinking LED indicators, simplifying use of the front panel and the bus interface.

Instantly selectable modulation modes

All required modulation modes are also instantly available at the touch of a button covering AM, FM, burst and gating. For sweep you have a choice of linear or logarithmic sweep and a selection of the required sweep mode 1, 2, or 3.

Quartz crystal precision

Today's stringent quality controls require test procedures to be reproduced exactly today, tomorrow and next year. The quartz crystal precision of the PM 5193 gives you the assurance of reproducible frequency settings within very closely defined limits. Aging rates for these crystals are less than 1 ppm/year. Coupled with the negligible setting error (also better than 1 ppm), these generators give you true long-term reference performance. Frequency resolution is a full 8 digits, providing a maximum frequency resolution of 0.1 mHz. You can take full advantage of the instrument's high precision.

Precise frequency programming

The frequency keypad area allows precise programming of all frequency-related settings, including scale (Hz/kHz) and frequency steps. These preset frequency steps allow incremental frequency changes with the step + or - buttons.

Frequency values are programmed via the numeric keyboard, and input using the Enter key. A rub-out key allows values to be corrected before entry.

Versatile output level setting

The desired output levels in Vpp, VRMS or dBm can be selected by a special keypad, while the selected output voltage is indicated on the LED display. A step function allows quick changes in output level in presettable steps.

Specially developed circuitry prevents any interaction between ac and dc settings. The signal outputs, including a TTL output, are short-circuit proof.

Full IEEE-488 programmability adds extra versatility

The full IEEE-488 programmability of the PM 5193 adds an important extra dimension to its versatility. All instrument functions can be remotely activated from a PC or test system controller, and all settings and status data can be uploaded from the instrument for storage in the controller and recalled whenever they are required.

Built-in Learn and Identification modes speed and simplify IEEE programming. In Learn mode, complete strings of instructions representing front-panel settings can be transmitted to the controller. The same instrument setup can then be reproduced whenever required, simply by re-transmitting the same string of instructions.

Setting of the PM 5193's IEEE device address is performed simply by direct keyboard entry, instead of through the use of hard-to-reach internal or rear-panel DIP switches.

10 MHz external synchronization

In many applications where frequency synthesizers are used, the possibility of synchronizing the outputs of two or more synthesizers is valuable when you want to have signals of exactly the same frequency, precisely determined frequency ratios or in locked phase conditions. The PM 5193 uses the synchronization frequency of 8.6 MHz, allowing convenient synchronization of two or more of the instruments.

For applications demanding traceability to an external standard, the PM 5193S generator can be synchronized with external standards at 10 MHz, or sub-harmonics such as 1, 2 or 5 MHz.

*Video modulation facilities

The PM 5193V adds video modulation facilities to the wide range of waveforms and modulation facilities of the standard instrument. In this version, video modulation is provided by an external modulation signal, and replaces the AM external modulation mode of the PM 5193.

The carrier frequency can be adjusted precisely up to 50 MHz, with high accuracy and a maximum resolution of 8 digits.

The PM 5193V has a standard IEEE-488 interface for remote selection of all keypad functions, making this instrument ideally suited for automated testing routines on video equipment; for example, testing the IF units of video recorders and CTV receivers.

* the front panel appears to have capability for Video - But I am not sure



  • Frequency Characteristics
    Operational Range Sine: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz

    pos/neg pulse: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz

    Square wave: 0.1 mHz - 20 MHz

    pos./neg. sawtooth: 0.1 mHz - 20 kHz

    Triangle: 0.1 mHz - 200 kHz

    Haversine: 0.1 mHz - 50 kHz

    Resolution: 8 digits, max. 0.1 mHz

    Setting error: 1 x 10-6

    Phase noise at 1 kHz distance from carrier: < -80 dBc/Hz (fc< 2 MHz)

    Phase jitter rms, (measuring bandwidth 10 Hz-20 kHz): < 3 mrad

    Frequency jitter rms
    (meas. Bandw 10 Hz-20 kHz):
    < 0.02%, < 1200 Hz
    fc2 MHz)

    Temperature coefficient: < 0.2 ppm / K

    Aging: < 1ppm / year

    Drift: < 0.3ppm in 7 hours

    Synchronization by an external reference:
    fREF=7.5-10 MHz for programmed frequencies
    fp2.147 MHz and
    fREF=8.60.5 MHz for
    fP >2.147 MHz

    Output Characteristics

    Main Output Connector BNC socket: On front, optional at rear

    Impedance: 50W

    Load capability: Short circuit proof

    Max. external voltage: 12V < 3 min

    AC voltage ranges: independent of DC setting within: 10V window.

    I resolution 1 mV: 0 - 0.200 Vpp

    II resolution 10 mV: 0.21 - 2.00 Vpp

    III resolution 100 mV: 2.1 - 20.0 Vpp

    Accuracy for AC voltages
    Basic setting error*:

    > 2 Vpp; 2.0%, 1 Hz < fc < 200 kHz


    fc: 1 Hz-200 kHz: 0.05 dB

    fc: 200 kHz -5 MHz: 0.07 dB

    fc: 5 MHz -10 MHz: 0.1 dB

    fc: 10 MHz -20 MHz: 0.2 dB

    fc: 20 MHz -50 MHz: 0.5 dB


    DC voltage Independent of AC setting within: 10V window

    Range (open circuit): 10V, resolution 100 mV

    Error limits: 2.0% 80 mV

    TTL Output 0/5V, Z0=50W: BNC on front

    Fan-out: > 5 TTL inputs


    *Zo=50W, Rl=50W, Modulation off


    Sinewave Frequency range: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz

    Output range open circuit: 0 - 20 Vpp

    Distortion for output voltages and frequencies: 5-100% of voltage range maximum 1 Hz - 200 kHz

    Total harm.distortion: < 0.5%, 0.2% typical

    Harmonics fc:1 Hz - 500 kHz: <-43 dBc

    Harmonics fc:500 kHz-5 MHz: <-37 dBc

    Harmonics fc:5 MHz-10 MHz: <-34 dBc

    Harmonics fc:10 MHz-20 MHz: <-30 dBc

    Harmonics fc:20 MHz-50 MHz: <-30 dBc


    Square, Positive / Negative Pulses Frequency range: 0.1 mHz - 20 MHz for square and for pulses: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz

    Output range open circuit: 0.2 - 20 Vpp

    Pos/Neg. pulse open circuit: 1.0 - 10 Vpp

    Rise-/Fall time (at 50 % symmetry)*:

    fc: 0.1 mHz - 500 kHz: 10 ns typical < 11.5 ns

    fc: 0.1 mHz - 20 MHz: Square: 10 ns typ. < 11.5 ns

    fc: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz: Pulse: 3 ns typical < 4.5 ns

    Aberration*: < 2 % (+20 mV,range I)

    Asymmetry: See Waveforms


    Triangle Frequency range: 0.1 mHz - 200 kHz

    Output range: 0 - 20 Vpp

    Linearity error: < 1% (fc< 200 kHz)

    Asymmetry: See Waveforms

    Positive / Negative sawtooth Frequency range: 0.1 mHz - 20 kHz

    Output range: 0 - 10 Vpp

    Linearity error: < 1.0% (fc < 20 kHz)


    Haversine Frequency range: 0.1 mHz - 50 kHz

    Output range: 0 - 10 Vpp


    *Zo=50W, Rl=50W, Modulation off


    Modes AM, FM, Burst, Sweep, Gate
    AM Carrier frequency: 0.1 mHz - 50 MHz

    Carrier waveforms: All excl. pulses


    Internal AM Modulation frequency: 10 Hz - 200 kHz

    Modulation waveform: Sine

    Modulation Depth: 0-100%, resolution 1%

    Envelope THD for Mod Depth of:
    98%: < 2.0%,
    50% : < 1.0% (fm = 100 Hz - 20 kHz and fc 30 MHz)

    External AM Modulation frequency: 0 to 200 kHz

    Modulation Depth: 0-100%

    Envelope THD for Mod depth of:
    98%: 1.5% (50W)
    50% : 0.7% (fm 100 Hz to 20 KHz)

    FM Carrier frequency: > 2 MHz

    Carrier waveforms: Sine, square, pulses


    Internal FM Modulation frequency: 10 Hz - 200 kHz

    Modulation waveform: Sine

    Deviation: 10 kHz 200 kHz, resolution 1 kHz

    Modulation distortion, THD:
    < 2.0%
    < 1.0% for freq. dev. 100 kHz, mod. freq. 200 Hz- 50 kHz, and fc 30 MHz


    External FM Modulation frequency: 10 Hz to 200 kHz

    Deviation: max. 200 kHz with sine modulation

    Burst Carrier frequency: 0.1 mHz - 2 MHz

    Carrier waveform: All, phase-coherent on/off - switching

    On periods per Burst: 1 - 200 Programmable

    Start/Stop - Phase: 0
    start/stop level at peaks for haversine, sawtooth and pulses

    Burst trigger modes:
    Internal (Manually): Single & Continuous with 1 kHz repetition frequency

    External via Mod. input: 1 kHz max. repetition freq.


    Sweep Carrier waveform: All

    Sweep functions: Single, Continuous

    Sweep characteristics: Linear or logarithmic, Up or down

    Sweep modes: Sweep and flyback, Sweep and hold, Sweep from fstart to fstop and back to fstart

    Sweep ranges max.: 1 mHz - 50 MHz

    Sweep time: 10 ms - 999s

    Number of frequency steps: 4096 max.


    Gate (Non-coherent signal keying) Carrier frequencies: All

    Carrier waveforms: All except pulses


    Gate, internal Keying frequency: 10 Hz - 200 kHz

    Duty cycle: 50%


    Gate, external Keying frequency: 0 - 500 kHz


    Interface Bus Remote Control

    Isolation in- and outputs galvanically separated with opto-couplers
    Control capability all functions and characteristics
    GPIB/IEEE-488.2 Address range 0 - 30 and listen only mode


      Instrument settings: 1 + 9

    Rear connectors: modulation input / triggering input / reference input / TTL output / modulation output / penlift output / sweep output / 10 MHz reference output / interface bus connector* / power connector

    Dimensions (HxWxD): 105 x 440 x 430 mm

    Weight: 10.5 kg


    Operating conditions Temperature:
    Reference 23 C 1 C
    Operating + 5 .. +40 C
    Storage -40 .. +70 C

    Safety: According to CE-regulation 73/23 EN61010-1 CAT II, Pollution Degree 2

    EMC: According to CE regulation 89/336:
    Emission according to EN 55011, Group 1 Class B, respectively CISPR 11.
    Immunity according to EN 50082-1, inclusive IEC 801-2, -3, -4

    Power / line frequency: 100,120,220,240V / 50 - 60 Hz 5%

    Power consumption: 105W








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