AC Power System

Elgar 1001 SL w/Series 9012

Plug In Oscillator


This auction includes one Elgar 1001SL and one Elgar Series 9012 Plug in controller.. 

The 1001SL is a high powered, 1000 Watt, wide band, programmable AC source.   It is fully programmable with the 9012 Plug-in.  The 1001 SL / 9012 System is excellent for a wide range of uses as a variable voltage, variable frequency, current limited supply that performs well even with complex loads.

If the time has come for an AC power source a bit more sophisticated then your old Variac, this Elgar system is just what you need. The system was just pulled from service in our lab and performs flawlessly.  Included in this auction are the manuals for both the 1001SL and the 9012. 


Elgar 1001SL

  • Single Phase Output
  • 1000 VA
  • 0-65/130/260 V output
  • 7 height

The SL series provide a wide range of single, two and three phase, precision solid-state AC power sources. Designed to provide variable voltage and frequency for testing linear loads over their full voltage and frequency ranges.

  • Manual or IEEE-488 programmable using Elgar's Plug-in Programmers
  • SL series provides 150% of rated capacity into linear resistive loads, while the B series are rated at 100% of capacity
  • Low Harmonic Distortion - typically better than 0.4%
  • Wide frequency range of 45 to 5000 Hz
  • Overload and temperature protection
  • Low effective output impedance
  • Series and paralleling capabilities

Key Specifications

Voltage: Standard inputs include 115VAC, 208VAC and 230VAC, 1 . Consult us for how to specify.
Frequency: 47-63Hz, optional 400Hz available.

SL & B Series sources require either a manual or Plug-in-programmer oscillator. These oscillators determine programmability of output voltage, frequency, phase, etc.

Voltage Range: Full rated VA from 55-65 VAC, 110-130 VAC, or 220-260 VAC over a 10% input variance and rated load PF of 0.7 to unity.
Output Frequency Range: 45 Hz to 5000 Hz at full rated power.
Load Regulation: 1% no load to full load over full frequency range; 0.015% when equipped with external sensing.
Line Regulation: 0.25% at rated load for a 10% input variance.
Total Harmonic Distortion:
SL Series: 0.4% 200 Hz to 1000 Hz; 0.6% Full frequency range
B Series: 0.5% 100 Hz to 1000 Hz; 0.9% Full frequency range

Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 55 C.
Dimensions: 19"w x 22"d


9012 Plug In


The Elgar 9012 is ready to plug in to any of our full line of AC linear power sources. They are programmable via the IEEE-488 GPIB bus, or locally from the front panel keypad.

Whether you need a variable voltage, variable frequency, current limited supply for test and repair, foreign power requirements, automated test equipment (ATE), aircraft ground support, production lines or laboratories the series 9012 provide reliable programming that is easy to use. Elgar programmers are used in aerospace, military, commercial and telecommunications electronic applications around the world.






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