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Ultraviolet/Visible Spot Cure System

Providing Over 10,000 MW/CM2

 The EFOS Lite is a versatile and economical light-curing solutions--perfect for a range of manual applications and an ideal entry-level system. Engineered with time and money saving features, including extra-long lamp life and filters which can be changed while the system is in operation, this compact unit delivers a lot: fast, easy and reliable operation and high-quality cures.


Unit is in excellent shape.  It includes the a 320 to 480 nm Bandpass filer (shown below) but does not include optic fiber leads.


Bandpass Filters
Filters available for a range of applications; simple, external replacement without shutdown
Long Lamp Life Reliable, high-intensity curing power for up to 2000 hours Controls/Display
User-friendly controls and comprehensive display for easy unit operation and

Lamp Cooling System
Proprietary cooling system extends lamp life and delivers optimum performance

Features Benefits
  • Typical power output with the standard filter at 320-480nm:
    9,850 mW/ cm2
  • Long lamp life: 2000 hours (typical)
  • Hot lamp strike prevention

  • Proprietary system controls cooling and monitors lamp hours

  • Externally accessible bandpass filters

  • Finger-touch control panel with LED display

  • Password lock/unlock feature

  • Foot pedal (standard)

  • Ultra-small footprint
  • CE marked; certified to IEC,
    Canadian and US standards
  • Delivers the intensity required for optimized UV and visible light curing for a broad range of industries and applications

  • Lower operating costs

  • Protects lamp life

  • Maintains optimum operating temperature; displays accumulated lamp hours

  • No need to open unit or turn lamp off to change filter

  • Easy to use
  • Protects settings for ensured repeatability

  • Convenient hands-free operation

  • Ideal for bench-top use and small workstations
  • Ready to use worldwide


EFOS Lite Specifications
Lamp: Proprietary 50 Watt Metal Halide
Lamp Life: 2000 hours (typical)
Removable Filters: Standard: 320-480nm / Optional: 320-410nm, 365nm, 400-500nm, blank (250-600nm)*
Power Supply: High efficiency, switch mode, line isolated, 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz, universal input
Warm-up Period: 90 seconds (typical)
Panel Controls: Display Mode, Lamp On/Off, Exposure Time Set (0.2 - 999.9 seconds or manual), Shutter Activate Button
Panel Displays: Accumulated Lamp Usage, Digital Countdown/Up Timer, Lamp On Indicator
Dimensions: L x W x H
11.2" x 9.2" x 4.4"
28.45 x 23.37 x 11.17 cm
Weight: 9 lbs. / 4.08 kg
Includes: Lamp module, standard bandpass filter, protective eyewear, grounded and shielded power cord, foot pedal, shutter lubrication and manual


Flexible Spectral Output
Meet unique spectral requirements with the right bandpass filter. EFOS carries a variety of filters that allow enhancements to cure characteristics and output refinements for specific conditions, such as protecting heat-sensitive substrates.
Filter Intensity Output*
320-410nm 4,650 mW/cm2
320-480nm 9,850 mW/cm2
365nm 1,900 mW/cm2
250-600nm** 11,350 mW/cm2
400-500nm 2,250 mW/cm2





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