Adventest R6871E

7 1/2 Digit Lab



Advantest R6871E Digital Multimeter

This digital multimeter provides a great combination of high performance, versatility and ease of use.  It is in Excellent physical and electrical condition.  It comes with a set Kelvin Test Leads with alligator clips and a tri-axial test lead with the opposite end not terminated. The reserve on this item is $599.00

The R6871E series is a 7 1/2 digit multimeter. It is provided with the measurement functions for DC voltage and current, AC voltage and current, and resistance.  The R6871E series provides a sampling rate of up to 2,000 times per second (in the 4 1/2-digit measurement mode), making it possible to change the integral time according to the accuracy required. Up to 10,000 measurement data can be stored in the built-in memory for further numerical operation and/or direct indication.

In addition, the R6871E series has an input impedance of 1010 Ohms or higher over input ranges of up to 20 V, allowing high precision and high-resolution measurement of DC voltage.  When used as a multimeter for a measurement system, the standard GPIB interface exhibits its power for remote control of functions and ranges.



A Single R6871E Incorporates the Measurement Functions for DC Voltage/Current, AC Voltage/Current and Resistance


DC & Ohms Measurements Maximum Display of "19999999"


AC Measurements to 1 Mhz with maximum display of "1999999"


Measuring Rate of Up to 2,000 Times/Second


Powerful Calculation Function Facilitates Data Analysis


Smoothing Function Enables Stable Measurement in Environment Subject to Noise


Multi-Sampling Bulk Output Function


Front and rear inputs and tri-axial low noise current input (rear only).


The multi-sampling bulk output mode allows high-speed data measurement and collection in real-time. The multimeter outputs data while performing measurement in regular intervals (in 10-msec intervals for one seconds) in the 6 1/2 digit display mode.

Complete Equipment Specifications


R6871E Product Specifications

Advantest R6871E
Digital Multimeter(7-1/2 digits,10Kbyte, GPIB)

R6871E Performance Characteristics

Form Factor


Number of Digits (Max)

7.5 digits

DC Volts Minimum Range

0.2 V

DC Volts Maximum Range

1000 V

DC Volts No. of Ranges


DC Volts Range Steps


DC Volts Minimum Resolution

0.1 uV

DC Volts Maximum Resolution

100 uV

DC Volts Maximum Reading Rate

2000 pt/sec

DC Volts Basic accuracy

0.0012 %

AC Volts Minimum Range

200 mV

AC Volts Maximum Range

500 V

AC Volts No. of Ranges


AC Volts Range Steps


AC Volts Minimum Frequency

20 Hz

AC Volts Maximum Frequency

1 MHz

AC Volts Minimum Resolution

1 uV

AC Volts Maximum Reading Rate

2000 pt/sec

True Rms (?)


Normal Mode Rejection Ratio

60 dB

Common mode Rejection Ratio

160 dB

DC Current Minimum Range

2000 nA

DC Current Maximum Range

2 A

DC Current No. of Ranges


DC Current Range Steps


DC Current Minimum Resolution

1 nA

DC Current Maximum Resolution

1 uA

DC Current Maximum Reading Rate

2000 pt/sec

AC Current Minimum Range

2000 uA

AC Current Maximum Range

2 A

AC Current No. of Ranges


AC Current Range Steps


AC Current Minimum Resolution

10 nA

AC Current Maximum Resolution

10 uA

AC Current Maximum Reading Rate

2000 pt/sec

Resistance 2 wire/4 wire

2 Wire,4 Wire

Resistance Minimum Range

10 Ohm

Resistance Maximum Range

1000 MOhm

Resistance No. of Ranges


Resistance Range Steps


Resistance Maximum Reading Rate

2000 pt/sec

Resistance Basic Accuracy


Minimum Frequency

20 Hz

Maximum Frequency

1 MHz

Frequency Accuracy

8 %

R6871E Measurements/Features

Null Function
Smoothing Function
Run Sample Mode
Single Sample Mode
Multi Sample Mode

R6871E Programmability/Connectivity

User Interface


Ports to Peripheral Devices


Novram data storage


R6871E Physical Dimensions


300 mm(11.81 in)


132 mm(5.19 in)


450 mm(17.71 in)


9.5 kg(20.94 lb)

I am not positive that all of these specifications are exactly correct.  Check the link above for full factory specifications.


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