New Wayne Kerr PSG 2400L 2.4GHz

Sweep Signal Generator

This Wayne Kerr PSG 2400L is a beautifully constructed instrument that offers exceptional Mil-Spec performance in a compact size. The 2400L includes a comprehensive operation and service manual and tutorial CD. I believe the factory warranty extends to 2007. Below are some of the specifications:

Frequency coverage from 100KHz to 2.4Ghz with up to 1Hz resolution

Amplitudes of -125.0dBm (0.13uV) to +13dBm (1.0Vrms) into 50ohms with up to 0.05dB resolution

Modulation Modes include AM, FM, Phase, and Pulse from both internal and external source.

AM Modulation: 0 to 99% 0.1 Resolution, 50Hz to 25Khz 3dB

FM Modulation: 10Hz to 200KHz

Phase Modulation: 0 - 10.0rads, 0.01rad resolution

Pulse Modulation: 100KHz to 2.4GHz greater then 60dB Pulse Rep Rate .1Hz to 500KHz

The internal modulation synthesizer range is from 0.1Hz to 500KHz with .2% THD at 1KHz

Sweep Functions: Carrier Frequency, Carrier Level, Modulation Frequency, Modulation Level

Start and stop is fully adjustable within any range at sweep time from 1 to 999 seconds

Internal or external time base: 10MHz

The instruments from panel layout is both user friendly and comprehensive. Numeric entries can be made from both thumbwheel and keypad. All functions can also be accessed thru the IEEE-488 interface.

Front Panel is 13 inches (330mm) wide and 5,7 (145mm)  inches high, Depth is approx 20 inches.

Weight is 33.8 lbs (15.3Kg)


This believe the Generator is new accept for the week it has spent on my bench where it performed flawlessly. The operation and service manual is still in the wrapper and also included is a tutorial CD .

This instrument was manufactured in February 2001 and is under manufactures warranty until  July 2007.


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