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True Time XL-DC

GPS Receiver


This Truetime XL-DC GPS Receiver has a full range of rear panel outputs including 10Mhz, 5 MHz & 1 MHz.  The unit has a backlit display that shows all aspect of receiver performance.  The clock display can be set to display any time zone in 12 or 24 hour format and automatically adjust for daylight savings if necessary.  It has just come back from factory performance verification and was only removed from the box for the listing photos.  It includes a Symmetricom (HP) 58532A GPS Reference Antenna and a 25 Foot Andrews Heliax Antenna Cable.  This system also includes a copy of the Truetime XL-DC & 58532A Operations manuals.

This System is in excellent physical and electrical condition.  The only item of note is a small dent in the top cover which is too minor to capture in the photographs.   The reserve on this item is $999.00


  • <40 nanoseconds rms accuracy to UTC during Selective Availability (SA)
  • Better than 1x10-12 frequency accuracy when locked to GPS
  • Versatile and modular architecture
  • Supports many output options
  • 1 PPS output
  • IRIG B time code output
  • Internet/local network remote control option

Data Sheet (99k PDF)
Options Data Sheet (374k PDF)





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