Tektronix AFG320 Arbitrary Function Generator

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* Tek AFG320 Generator
* WaveWriter (AWE) Arbitrary Waveform Writer - User's Manual
* Tek AFG320 User Manual
* Tek AFG320 Software
* AC Power Software


This unit is in such good condition, it still has the protective film over the display and the manuals are still in their wrappings.

Click Here for the AFG320 PDF Spec Sheet


Output Channels -
Standard Waveforms -
Sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, DC, and Noise.
Arbitrary Waveforms -
Waveform Length: 10 to 16384 points.
Vertical Resolution: 12 bits.
Sample Rate: 16 MS/s.
Non-volatile Memory: Four 16 K waveforms.
Output Frequency -
Sine, Square: 10 mHz to 16 MHz.
Triangle, Ramp, Pulse: 10 mHz to 100 kHz.
Noise (Gaussian): Maximum 8 MHz bandwidth.
Arbitrary Waveform:
Repetition rate: 10 mHz to 1.6 MHz.
Resolution: 7 digits.
Accuracy: 50 ppm.
Output Characteristics -
Amplitude (into 50 Ohm): 50 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p.
Accuracy: ▒(1% of setting + 5 mV) at 1 kHz, no offset.
Flatness (at 1 V amplitude relative to 1 kHz):
<100 kHz: ▒1%.
100 kHz to 1 MHz: ▒1.5%.
1 MHz to 16 MHz: ▒3%.
Offset (into 50 Ohm):
505 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p amplitude: peak amplitude + offset is limited to +5V or -5V.
50 mVp-p to 500 mVp-p amplitude: -0.75 V to +0.75 V.
Accuracy: ▒(1% of setting +5 mV).
Resolution: 5 mV.
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm.
Isolation: 42 V peak maximum relative to earth ground.
Range: ▒360 degrees.
Resolution: 1 degree.
Sine Wave Spectral Purity -
Harmonic Distortion:
DC to 20 kHz: -70 dBc.
20 kHz to 100 kHz: -60 dBc.
100 kHz to 1 MHz: -45 dBc.
1 MHz to 16 MHz: -35 dBc.
Total Harmonic Distortion:
20 kHz: 0.05% at 1 V amplitude.
Signal Characteristics -
Rise/Fall Time: </= 20 ns.
Overshoot: <2%.
Rise/Fall Time: <100 ns.
Duty Cycle: 1% to 99% of period.
Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, Arbitrary:
Jitter: 2 ns at 100 kHz.
Modulation -
Source: External only.
Carrier: Up to 16 MHz.
Modulation: Any internal waveform plus Arb.
Frequency: DC to 20 kHz.
      1 V: 100%.
      0 V: 50%.
      -1 V: 0%.
      2 Vp-p for 100% modulation.
Source: Internal only.
Modulation: Sine, Square, Triangle, Arb.
Frequency: 10 mHz to 10 kHz.
Deviation: 10 mHz to 8 MHz.
FSK (frequency shift keying):
Source: Internal only.
Mode: Trigger, Burst.
Frequency range: 10 mHz to 16 MHz.
Key rate: 10 mHz to 50 kHz.
Number of keys: 2.
Frequency Sweep -
Type: Linear or logarithmic.
Direction: Up or down.
Start/Stop Frequency: 10 mHz to 16 MHz.
Time: 1 ms to 100 s.
Mode: Continuous, Trigger, Burst.
Operating Mode -
Continuous: The selected waveform is output continuously.
Triggered: One period of the selected waveform is output each time a trigger occurs.
Trigger source: Manual, External.
Burst: The selected waveform is output with a specified number of cycles each time a trigger occurs.
Carrier frequency: Up to 16 MHz.
Count: 1 to 60,000 cycles/burst (100 s maximum except sine wave or square wave) or infinite.
Start phase: -360 to +360 degrees.
Trigger source: Manual, External.
Inputs/Outputs -
Front Panel:
Main output: Ch 1, Ch 2 (AFG320 only).
External Trigger (Burst) input:
      TTL input.
      Pulse Width: 1 Ás minimum.
      10 kilohm input impedance.
Rear Panel:
Sync Output: TTL level.
External AM modulation:
      2 Vp-p = 100% modulation.
      10 kilohm input impedance.
GPIB Interface (IEEE 488.2).
Memory -
Type: Non-volatile.
Setup Storage: 20.
Arbitrary Waveform Storage: 4.


Temperature Range -
Operating: 0░ to +50░ C.
Non-operating: -20░ to +60░ C.
Humidity -
At or below +40░ C: 0 to 95%.
+40░ to +50░ C: 0 to 75%.
Random Vibration -
Operating: 0.31 gRMS from 5 to 500 Hz, 10 minutes.
Non-operating: 2.46 gRMS from 5 to 500 Hz, 10 minutes.
Shock -
Non-operating: 294 m/s2 (30 G), half-sine, 11 ms duration.
EMC Compliance -
Meets intent of Directive 89/396/EEC for Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Australian AN/NZS 2064.1/2
Safety Compliance -
CSA-C22.2 No. 231.
EN 61010-1.


Line Voltage - 90 to 132 V AC, 180 to 250 V AC.
Line Frequency -
90 to 250 V: 48 to 63 Hz.
90 to 127 V: 48 to 440 Hz.
Dimensions mm in.
Height 99 3.9
Width 214 8.4
Depth 411 16.2
Weight kg lb.
Net: AFG320 5.6 12.3






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