National Instruments AT-A2150C

Dynamic Signal Acquisition Board



The AT-A2150 is a dynamic signal acquisition board for the PC. The board has four channels of 16-bit, simultaneously sampled analog input with 64-times oversampling delta-sigma modulating ADCs and digital antialiasing filters for extremely high-accuracy data acquisition. The ADCs can be run at conversion rates of up to 51.2kHz. The interface to the AT bus includes 256-word FIFO buffers for smooth data flow out of the board.

The AT-A2150 can interface to the National Instruments RTSI bus, which includes a serial data link directly to and from other National Instruments AT Series boards, such as the AT-DSP2200 digital signal processing board. With the RTSI bus, sampling clock synchronization is possible between multiple AT-A2150 boards for simultaneous sampling on more than four channels.

The AT-A2150 is useful for digitizing signals with bandwidths of 22 kHz or less. The antialiasing filters on the input ensure that signals are acquired with extremely high fidelity. Applications include audio signal processing and analysis, audio workstations, acoustics and speech research, sonar, and audio frequency test and measurement.

The AT-A2150C is designed for full audio band measurements and for signal processing applications and is equipped with crystal oscillators for standard digital audio and digital signal processing frequencies.

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