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HP 5061A Cesium

Time / Frequency Standard


This HP 5061A Cesium Beam Time / Frequency Standard has been fully tested.  Combined error against my GPS Locked Time Standard was 5 x 10-12 .  It has had all routine maintenance performed (Ion Pump operated for 24hours every three months during storage).  This auction includes a copy of the operation and service manual.  This Instrument uses a standard AC power cord.   The unit is in very good condition with a few dings and scratches on the case.


Cesium Standard compared to GPS Locked Counter


HP Atomic frequency have long been the world wide standard for frequency and time keeping.  The 5061A is part of that tradition.  Self checking control standards yields exceptional accuracy.  This accuracy combined with high reliability made the HP 5061A the choice of national laboratories for many years.  Now with the introduction of the 5071A, the 5061A and be purchased for a fraction of their $32,000 Original Price.

Front panel controls provide a circuit check switch and a meter for monitoring performance.  Front panel lights also provide an indication of any interruptions of continuous operation.   The crystal oscillator is locked to atomic residence.


Output Frequencies                    5MHz, 1MHz & 100KHz.

Accuracy                                      +/-  6 x 10-12

Long Term Stability                     +/- 5 x 10-12

Short Term Stability 

        Averaging Time  .01             1.5 x 10-10

        Averaging Time  1                5.6 x 10-11

        Averaging Time  10              2.5 x 10-11       

        Averaging Time  100            8 x 10-12

Reproducibility                             +/- 5 x 10-12

Settability                                     +/- 7 x 10-13

Warm Up                                       @ 25 degrees C = 45 min.


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