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American Dynamics

Security Camera


Camera Specs:

High Performance
1/2" Interline Transfer
470 TV Lines - 1.0 Lux

  • Automatic Electronic Shutter

  • Backlight Compensation

  • Phase Adjustable Line-Lock, Genlock or Crystal Sync

  • C or CS Lens Mount

  • EE or DC-Type Auto-Iris Lens Drive

  • Auto & Manual White Balance

  • Internal Isolation Transformer

  • Composite NTSC or Y/C Output

  • Aperture Correction

  • 24 VAC Input


Lens Specs:

  • Length - 8.5 to 51mm

  • Aperture f1.2 - 360

  • Zoom Ratio - 6x

  • Iris Control - Motorized

  • Lens Format - 1/2 Inch

  • Mount - C

  • Horizontal  View Angle - 41.2 Degree to 7.2 Degree

  • Minimum Object Distance - 1.0 M (3.25 ft)

  • Filter Screw Size - 49 x .75mm

  • Weight - 620g

  • Lense is clone of American Dynamics LZ855112MP



American Dynamics


AD 1646 Driver PDF

The AD1646 series is a series of single-device, variable-speed, receiver/drivers. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this unit operates a single 12 VDC pan/tilt with a motorized lens and two auxiliary outputs at remote sites.  Camera controls include pan/tilt and lens (zoom, focus, and iris). When the receiver/driver is used with a suitably-equipped preset pan/tilt and/or lens, Target (Preset) storage includes the pan tilt, and lens view information for scenes. On command, the camera returns to a specific view.

The receiver/driver provides two Form-C relays for auxiliary operation. The relay outputs have both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts for operating different types of auxiliaries. The auxiliaries can be either latching or momentary types for operation of Autopan on/off, window washers and wipers, door releases, gate controllers, etc. The AD1646 series is designed to operate with either AD Manchester or ASCII-based control codes transmitted via RS- 232 lines. An on-board heater enables the unit to operate in low temperatures.

  •  Single-device 12 VDC variable speed receiver

  •  Choice of AD Manchester or RS-232 Data Control Code formats

  •  Drives standard and continuous rotation 12 VDC pan/tilts

  •  Built-in preset support standard

  •  Auto pan between presets

  •  Adjustable zoom lens control

  •  Auto-sense circuit

  •  71 programmable Targets (Presets)

  •  Two auxiliary devices

  •  24 VAC, 120 VAC, 230 VAC input power supply voltages available

  •  Indoor/Outdoor enclosure

  •  Internal heater

  •  Local test mode

  • Retains preset programming if power is interrupted

AD1337 Camera Housing Specs:

Standard Environmental Housings
14" Internal Lengths

  •  Anodized Aluminum Finish (AD1337)

  • Extruded Aluminum Construction

  • NEMA-4 Protection Rating

  • Marine Climate Resistant

  • Hinged Cover Housing for Easy Access

  • Four Level Camera Height Adjustment

  • Accommodates Larger Zoom Lens

  • Electrically Isolated Camera Platform

  • Optional Sun Shield & Heater Available

  • Low Current PTC Heater







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