HP (Agilent) 5347A 20 GHz

Microwave Counter / Power Meter


Equipment Notes:

This instrument combines a microwave frequency counter and RF Power Meter.  The counter will cover 10 Hz to 20 GHz frequency range.  The Power meter range is dependent on the sensor chosen.  The unit works with most, if not all of the 848x series sensors.  We ran this instrument through its paces in our lab.  It performs flawlessly and is in excellent physical condition. MRSP - With options was over $10,000.00

Original Manual is included but not in the photos.

11730a Power Sensor Cable is included but no power sensors are included in auction.

Option 006 Microwave Level Limiter.

Option 011 HP-IB Interface.


Product Specifications:

Frequency Range: 500 MHz to 20 GHz

Sensitivity 500 MHz - 12.4 GHz: -32 dBm (-35 dBm typical) 12.4 GHz - 20.0 GHz: -27 dBm (-32 dBm typical)

Maximum Input: +7 dBm Damage Level: +25 dBm, peak SWR 500 MHz - 12.4 GHz: <2:1 typical 12.4 GHz - 20.0 GHz: <3:1 typical

Accuracy: ▒1 LSD ▒time base error x frequency

Resolution: 1 Hz or 10 kHz, selectable

Optional Increased Damage Level Opt 006 Protects Input 1 from damage by limiting high level signals. All specifications are the same except Input 1.

Damage Level 500 MHz to 6 GHz: +39 dBm (8 watts) 6 GHz to 18 GHz: +36 dBm (4 watts) Sensitivity reduced by 3 dBm, 500 MHz to 12.4 GHz 4 dBm, 12.4 GHz to 20.0 GHz


Input 2

Frequency Range: 10 Hz - 525 MHz

Sensitivity: 25 mV rms (15 mV rms typical)

Impedance: 1 Mohm nominal shunted by <70 pF (10 Hz to 80 MHz) or 50 ┘ nomimnal (10 MHz to 525 MHz)

Damage Level: 50 ┘ or 1 M┘ dc - 5 kHz: 250V (dc + ac peak) >5 KHz: 5.5V rms (+28 dBm) + 1.25 x 106 Vrms/FREQ

Accuracy: ▒1 LSD ▒[(1.4 x Trigger Error/Gate Time) ▒Time Base Error] x frequency

Resolution: 1 Hz or 10 kHz, selectable

Automatic Amplitude Discrimination Automatically measures the largest of all signals present, provided that signal is>6 dB (typical) above any signal within 500 MHz; >20 dB (typical) above any signal within 500 MHz to 20 GHz.

Tracking Speed Resolution = 1 Hz, Speed = 1 MHz/sec Resolution = 10 kHz, Speed = 1 GHz/sec Acquisition Time

Resolution = 1 Hz, Time = <125 ms Resolution = 10 kHz, Time = <60 ms Maximum Deviation 20 MHz p-p, Automatic mode 60 MHz p-p, Manual mode (via HP-IB only)
Maximum FM Rate: 10 MHz

AM Tolerance: Any modulation index provided the minimum signal level is not less than the sensitivity specification.


Power Meter

Frequency Range: 0 MHz to 20 GHz, sensor dependent Power Range: -70 dBm to +20 dBm (100 pW to 100 mW), sensor dependent

Dynamic Range: 50 dB in 10 dB steps Resolution: 0.01 dB in logarithmic mode, 0.1% of full scale in linear mode.

Auto Filter: The meter automatically selects the required number of averages for the selected range.

Accuracy Instrumentation: ▒0.02 dB or ▒5%

Zero Set (digital settability of zero): ▒5% of full scale on most sensitive range. Decrease percentage by a factor of 10 for each higher range, ▒1 display count.



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